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7.10 Birthday Thoughts

I truly felt that 2019 was going to be a year of change. In what ways, well I wasn't so sure, but I just felt that this was a year where a lot of movement was going to take place. Seven months in, I have to say I feel like I've been pretty on point with what my intuition told me. No, I'm not going to give you the play-by-play of all of the events that have taken place in my life in 2019, but trust me it's A LOT. This year has had some of the highest of the highs, but also some of the lowest of the lows, but through it all it's been a beautiful growing process and that's truly what life is about - the journey and with each step of that journey growing and evolving into the person you're meant to be. You see, I believe that the truly amazing thing about the journey is what so many people don't realize, while so much is out of our hands so much is also in it. You determine how you react and handle situations, what steps you want to take, and which direction you want to push your life to go. Sure, sometimes we think we are taking a giant step in the direction we want, and we quickly get rerouted - and that's okay! I'd like to think that at the end of the day, when you make an effort and truly put your heart and soul into things (a job, relationship, friendship, family, yourself, etc.) you truly do end up where you are supposed to be. Surely the universe will help us out a little bit if we are doing our part, right!? Change is hard, it's tough, sometimes even confusing, but it's also exciting, fun and a whole new adventure you get to experience.

My goal each day is to always choose joy. Each day you get to wake up and choose joy no matter what you are going through, and never ever let someone steal your joy! I know, I know you're reading that last sentence and telling me it's not always that easy, and I get it - it's not, but every day isn't going to be sunshine and blue skies, there has to be rain here and there, but guess what - you can dance in the rain, can't you!? Okay, maybe you're tired of my rant on embracing life and all it has to offer, but as I celebrate another birthday, I felt inspired to sit down and share my thoughts, not something I always do on social media. So for my birthday wish this year (and well if you know me you know I had to make more than one, let's light those candles one more time! haha) I truly hope we all can find beauty in the struggle, joy even on the darkest days, and that we can all choose to be the light and inspire others. You know the saying "I've learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel." by the one and only Maya Angelou - stop and think about that quote, read it again. It's true, right? At the end of the day, it really is about how you make people feel. When you think back on some of your greatest memories, wasn't it about the feeling you went to sleep with in your heart of how you felt that day? So in closing, I'm simply saying for the rest of this year and for years to come, let's all do our best to be kind to each other, embrace our journey as best we can, and choose joy for goodness sake!

And remember, as Prince told us all . . .

Dearly beloved

We are gathered here today

To get through this thing called "life"

I hope you live yours to the fullest!



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